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Museo dell'intreccio mediterraneo di Castelsardo

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History and location


The Museum of Mediterranean Weaving, MIM, located inside the the Doria fortress, is the ideal place to preserve the ancient tradition of weaving.

The museum itinerary is divided into nine rooms arranged on two floors.

 The art of weaving of the town of Castelsardo is an unwritten ancient knowledge, but still today documented and handed down from the inhabitants of the medieval village to the new generations. In the streets of the city you can meet the “cestinaie” (craftswomen), historical and modern figures, which outside the door of their  houses weave baskets with the dwarf palm, the sea hay and the raffia.

 Their artefacts, exposed to tourists and passers-by, take up the techniques, shapes and decorations of the ancient tradition of Castelsardo but they also recall the personal tastes and innovative talent of the contemporary craftsmanship of the place.

The MOG, Museum of the Genoese Origins, is dedicated to the history of the City of Castelsardo. It represents a link between the Museum of the Mediterranean Weaving inside the fortress of the Doria and the diocesan museum inside the Crypts of St. Anthony Abbot's Cathedral.

The building that houses the MOG was an old Franciscan monastery later used as a civil dwelling and, until a few decades ago, used as an artistic laboratory of the illustrious painter of Castelsardo Giovanni Cau.

The entire museum itinerary, that  is still in the final phase, illustrates to its visitors, through explanatory panels, sites and monuments of cultural interest present near the territory of Castelsardo, proposing itself as a promotional portal of the territory of the Anglona.



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