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Museo dell'intreccio mediterraneo di Castelsardo

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The museum is proposed as a place dedicated to the preservation of historical memory and as such it also constitutes a fundamental learning environment, both for students and for a varied panorama of the public as elderly and families, each with different expectations and needs.             

In particular, students need to be given more consideration because through the attendance of museums, since the very first school cycle, it is possible to cultivate a more aware education to the cultural heritage of our territory, which can then be a constant point of reference in adulthood. The museum educational service also proposes a didactic programming able to respond to the specific needs of school complexes, tour operators and promoters in general, following a working perspective as much as possible in line with the needs of users.                                             

 An important look is also addressed to the world of disability, which feels the need to live an increasingly inclusive teaching and able to respond to individual needs. The workshops can be declined following the educational and playful experience according to a common principle of sharing and collaboration


The workshop will be entirely in the foreign language of choice between French, English and German.

Type of intervention: Knowledge of the materials and weaving techniques of Castelsardo.

Creation of a small basket according to local traditions and in addition the workshop will be enriched by the precious contribution of a “cestinaia” (craftswoman who weaves baskets) of the place, important memory of our craft tradition.

Fields of intervention: Craft-Linguistic

Addressees: Lower and Upper secondary school

Museums: MIM


-GUIDED TOUR OF THE ANCIENT VILLAGE IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE.                                                                   

The workshop will be entirely in the foreign language of choice between French, English and German.

Type of intervention: Special walk in foreign language through the alleys of the picturesque medieval village, in which you will see fortified walls, ancient houses, palaces and churches, places of memories and custodians of centuries of domination. It will also be possible to see elderly men and women weaving objects, such as baskets and basket fish traps, typical handicrafts of Castelsardo.

Fields of intervention: Historical-Linguistic
Addressees: Lower and Upper secondary school


How to participate:
- Activities are completely free
- Reservation is required for all activities via email
- The educational service ensures maximum availability with regard to the applicant’s planning needs.

Every didactic activity proposed is preparatory to the visit to the museums MIM and MOG, it is therefore understood that the guided tour will precede every didactic laboratory.

Guided visits for the sensory impaired will be organized following tactile routes with temporary settings to allow even blind or visually impaired people to "look" through other senses.


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