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Museo dell'intreccio mediterraneo di Castelsardo

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Castelsardo handiworks

The weaving tradition of Castelsardo is preserved in the knowledge and talent of the town’s basket-makers and weavers. These, however, owe their reputation to Eugenio Tavolara, an artist who taught them a new way of considering their craftsmanship in the 60s and 70s of the twentieth century: as forms of art rather than as mere work tools or daily objects. This is how shapes, decorations and innovative tools are created, the result of artisans’ manual dexterity but also of their artistic taste.

Since ancient times three handiworks are typical of Castelsardo: corbula and basket, emblems of Castelsardo, and pontina. They incorporate the classical forms of weaving tradition, which varied depending on their use but which today, as in the years of Tavolara, can also be produced in small size, as gadgets for tourists or as practical and elegant pieces of furniture. Pontina, an object found in every house of Castelsardo, is a container for linen; in the past it was a kind of drawer-cabinet with different shapes and capacity used by the poor families.


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