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Museo dell'intreccio mediterraneo di Castelsardo

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Weaving in the Mediterranean area

The art of weaving, spread throughout the world, has distinctive features in the Mediterranean area. Each community has adapted the technique of weaving according to habits and daily needs, depending on the availability of materials. Desert agro-pastoral societies, for example, make specific objects functional to their communities. On the hills of the Mediterranean area and in its surroundings, weaving is based on different materials from those used on wetlands or lagoons. Interestingly, some handicrafts are similar in Mediterranean regions which are geographically too far apart. For instance, fibers (date palm) and techniques (fixed-stitch coil) - commonly used in Sardinia - can be found in the Siwa oasis, in the Libyan desert (Egypt), not far from the Mediterranean coast. A large number of plant species grow thoroughly and are used in the Mediterranean area, at the center of which Sardinia is located, and their names actually reveal a common pan-Mediterranean root.


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