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Museo dell'intreccio mediterraneo di Castelsardo

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Castelsardo preserves a large range of colours, from the most typical and traditional to those acquired from and transmitted by Architect Tavolara.

The traditional decorations include the ancient Greek fret, the most common design which is the classic form of embellishment; the double Greek fret, less common; the zephyr decoration, namely “tail of Zephyrus”, the warm west wind that blows in spring.

Other decorations reflect natural forms as waves, flowers and stars, as well as plants, animals, geometric and anthropomorphic motifs.

Tavolara introduced interesting patterns, always echoing traditional agricultural and farm work: the best known is the wheat field, monochromatic uniform lines broken along the hatching. The crescent-shaped embroidery evokes the image of the sickle, agricultural instrument par excellence.

Thanks to Tavolara, colours have changed, becoming more lively, bright and unusual. Over time size has also changed: from the large handiworks used in farming and daily housework, to the smaller objects, pretty and eclectic in design. These are real works of art with unusual forms and types, and include sugar bowls, bags, boxes, and dishes, enriched and made unique by the taste and creativity of the artisans.


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