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Museo dell'intreccio mediterraneo di Castelsardo

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This section contains some of the materials used to create baskets. Each item has its own data sheet.


Visualizza la sezione: Asphodel

This perennial plant belongs to the Liliaceae family, and in Sardinia it grows lushly in open fields, both at sea level and in higher areas. It has short compact tuberous roots with several tapered tubercles jutting out.

Visualizza la sezione: Mastic tree (Lentisk)
Mastic tree (Lentisk)

It is an evergreen shrub of the Anacardiaceae family, typical of the flora of Mediterranean coastal regions, both in the plains and on low hills.

Visualizza la sezione: Mediterranean dwarf palm
Mediterranean dwarf palm

It is a plant of the Arecaceae family, the only species in the genus Chamaerops, typical of the Mediterranean shrubland. This evergreen plant normally grows up to 2 meter, and has a short, spongy but robust trunk.

Visualizza la sezione: Myrtle

It is an evergreen shrub of the Myrtaceae family, typical of the Mediterranean areas. In Sardinia this plant is used for weaving, but also for its medicinal and aromatic properties and as an ingredient of local cuisine.

Visualizza la sezione: Reed

This graminaceous plant grows in coastal marshland and hilly areas of Europe and Middle East. Its trunk is tall, hollow and robust. It forms dense patches of vegetation in wetlands;


This is a graminaceous plant which grows on sand dunes of coastal areas. Its long stems make thick bushes; its rolled gray-green leaves are stiff, sharp and resistant.

Stramma (Mauritania grass)

This cespitose plant of the Gramineae family grows on arid and sandy soils. Its stems are rigid and strong, its leaves are long (up to 1.5 m) and rough.

Visualizza la sezione: Wheat straw
Wheat straw

Wheat, a graminaceous plant, is used in Sardinia since Nuragic times. Its stem is straight and robust. Its physical features have made it suitable for making sieves, daily tools and ornamental objects.

Visualizza la sezione: Wild olive tree
Wild olive tree

Olive tree is an evergreen plant typical of the Mediterranean area. It is strong and its suckers - the branches growing at the base of the trunk - are long, thin, flexible and very malleable.

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